A Tokenized Economy is Emerging

Blockchain Company is helping consumers benefit through discovery of cryptocurrencies, utility & security tokens, digital assets and tokenized platforms, all powered by the 4th industrial revolution of technologies.

BC Utility Consumer Platforms & Applications

BC Media Discovery Platform

Blockchaincompany.info lets you discover everything you need to know in the blockchain, 4th IR and tokenized economy.


The world's first tokenized search engine of its kind, that lets users power up the search engine with urls they love and care about. Users get rewarded with BASE token in their Blockabase account, for future exchange listing value and more...


Consumers need domain experts who can help them to improve wealth creation and well being. Follow financial, technology and legal advisors, experts and influencers you need and get help to build wealth and stay competitive. Get rewarded with BICS when you join and follow...

We are ready for a next round

Blockchain Company is raising a €10 million Series " A " next round of funding through a Security Token Offering Sale from Institutional Investors. Learn more on BlackManta.Capital/bc

EU Regulated STO Offering
BCT Token
Institutional Investors
To be listed on Archax exchange

More about Blockchain Company's Ecosystem

We have been working quietly and relentlessly since 2017, innovating the future of our ecosystem within the emerging token economy

Building our 4th IR Project Utility
Meeting the French SEC (AMF)
Working with Partners:
Duff & Phelps - KYC Advisory
Gide - Our Law Firm in Paris
Nedbank - Our Banking Partner in Africa
Healy Consultants - Our Incorporation Services Partner
Synaps - Our KYC Onboarding Partner
Saint-Honoré - Our Accounting Treatment Partner
Catax - Our R&D Tax Reclaim Partner

Blockchain Valley - Utility Token

Working progressively with the above partners, BC will soon submit to the French SEC (AMF) its Utility Token Initial Coin Offering for Regulated Approval. The utility platform has been significantly developed and will become operational with an ERC-20 Token, after a 3 month Private Placement and 6 month ICO. Blockchain Valley (BV) is a Smart Community & Ecommerce platform focusing on 4th industrial revolution technologies, products and services, powered by a native token for eCitizens & eCompanies. The following are " Interoperable " applications that will work with the Blockchain Valley utility platform when officially launched after our approved ICO by the French AMF, later in 2020:

BV eCommerce Platform
4IR Cloud
4IR Wallet
4IR Explorer
4IR Job App
4IR Protocol Blockchain
All the above are at MVP stages of development

Now, Businesses Can Start Getting Involved Too!

Businesses need to think differently in a post Covid-19 world, on not only how to reach millennial consumers, but how to engage with them and reward them too! As we move deeper into the 4th industrial revolution, how businesses position themselves will determine if an how they are going to survive. Blockchain Company is systematically building its ecosystem and wants you to get involved starting from today! Here's how:

BC Discovery

Let us Curate your quality content on Blockchaincompany.info

From $150 / per post
  • We curate for you
  • Your content, news & stories
  • Your videos, podcasts and webinars
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Imagine users upvoting, adding, sharing and liking your urls

From $500/ /mo
  • Your custom search engine on Blockabase with unlimited sub-urls
  • Our BlockaAds Advertising Network for users to share your brand and they get BASE!
  • Users share or add your sub-urls on social networks and they get BASE!
  • Users like, comment, email, upvote any of your urls found in Blockabase and they get BASE!
  • More media engagement opportunities and ecommerce
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Are you an expert, advisor or influencer in your domain?

From $100/ /mo
  • You need clients and customers. Join our network, let them follow and you acquire and close. Who should join as a domain professional advisor or influencer?
  • Finance: financial advisors & planners, traders, wealth managers, speakers, stock brokers, insurance brokers
  • Technology: product launchers, web designers & developers, growth marketers, AI & ML experts, blockchain & smart contract developers
  • Legal: lawyers, attorneys, solicitors, paralegals, accountants
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Who are we?

Well, we are an Outlier startup that think big, and sees the world differently. You should too!

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